There Is No Place Like Om

There Is No Place Like Om

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March 13, 2013

Using a mantra is critical in yoga practice. It helps you find your center and stay grounded. Here are 3  tips on how to use a mantra or sacred word.

1. Repeat often and repeat with feeling. This can be done either externally, if you are practicing alone and feel like your practice would be strengthened by a chant, or internally, a mantra can be equally strong just repeated over and over in the inner silence.

2.  Before you begin your physical practice, sit silently, with attention inward, and allow the mantra to arise and repeat itself.

3. Let your mantra progress through the four levels: as a word and a meaning, as a constant awareness, as a soundless sound (in the silence of the inner mind.) For example, the word shanti means peace or tranquility. When the syllables drift away, one might then meditate on the feeling of peace itself, instead of the word and syllables.


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